Common Uses for Hook and Loop Fasteners

Common Uses for Hook and Loop Fasteners

19 Apr, 2022

Nowadays, hook and loop is widely used for our daily life.
Such as homes, schools, exhibitions, offices and other occasions.

As a necessary artifact for home travel, hook and loop tape has three basic functions: fixing, binding and decoration. The following three basic functions are analyzed in detail. 

In summer, it can be used to fix mosquito screen on window.
Many people especially in Europe countries use it to fix the license plate on the car, it makes a high-quality appearance of your car.
You can also crop the adhesive hook loop tapes and fix small items such as remote controls, photo frames, and more.


Hook and loop cabie ties are perfect to bundle all sorts of medium and small items together such as packaging, sports gear, umbrellas, pipes, hoses, skis and poles. Hook And Loop Securing Straps are excellent bike straps for securing bicycles


Hook loop Magic Hair Pads can keeps your fringe off your face while making up, besides that, hair clips with vivid colors will make you look more active and beautiful.


Can you imagine what life would be like without hook and loop?

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