How to install a removable fly screen for your windows

How to install a removable fly screen for your windows

09 Jun, 2022

CCH removable fly screen can be DIY in your required size while using adhesive hook strip and stick to the window frame by included. One set is including 1 piece of window screen and 1 roll of self adhesive hook tape. You can install it according to your needs in the kitchen, bedroom, baby room, study and other places. Keep mosquitoes and bugs outside by covering windows




There are easy steps to install the window fly screen with adhesive hook tape:

1. Clean the window frame.

2. Stick the self adhesive hook strip around the frame and remain it at least 2 hours

3. Cut off excess screening with a utility knife

4. Press the screen firmly to the hook tape.

5. Keep insects and leaves away and bring fresh air into the home

6. CCH Window Fly screens can easily be removed.

    If they are very dirty, start by removing them and washing them at 30° C.



Standard Size For window:

1.1m*1.1m mesh with 4.4m sticky back hook tape; 

1.1m*1.3m mesh with 4.8m sticky back hook tape; 

1.3m*1.5m mesh with 5.6m sticky back hook tape;

1.5m*1.5m mesh with 6m sticky back hook tape;

1.3m*1.8m mesh with 6.2m sticky back hook tape;

1.5m*1.8m mesh with 6.6m  sticky back hook tape;

1.8m*1.8m mesh with 7.2m sticky back hook tape;

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