How to use hook and loop in daily life

How to use hook and loop in daily life

25 May, 2022

All of us know hook and loop is great for fastening things together. But there are many ways in which you may have never thought to use them around the house.

Here are some ways you should be using hook and loop tape in your everyday life.


Secure area rugs

With adhesive hook and loop strips, the rug tape for area rugs on hardwood can offer an excellent fixation effect to prevent the carpet from slipping and provide an excellent anti curling effect.  It can keep the chair or sofa cushion in place as well.


Cable management

Hook and loop cable ties can be used to tie up speaker cables, guitar cables, TV cables, computers cables, microphone mic, electronics, and much more.Use cable straps for larger items like hoses, umbrellas, sports equipment, bundling boxes, books, tools, etc. It is ideal for keeping all kinds of cords cables well organized and tidy in place.

These ties only takes seconds to apply or remove, making them very effective for dozens of different uses.


Hang Curtains Without Drilling In the wall

Sometimes, hanging curtains on a rod is not an option, such as when you want to hang them inside a cabinet or in a rental house where holes are not allowed in the walls.

Hook and loop can can hold curtains on the door frame or bunk bed. It will help you keep your wall damage- free.


Hang pictures or other decorations

If you have some pictures you want to hang on the wall without making any holes, stick on hook and loop is a perfect tool to use to achieve this.

You just need to attach hook to your picture frame, and loop the wall then press down firmly. Quick and easy!

Make sure to press it firmly against the wall to ensure the picture hanging strips are securely stuck together.


License Plate holder

The frame-less license plate holder with hook and loop support is a new solution for an unbeatable look.

No more advertising on the License plate! 100 % drilling free.

It is almost suitable for all cars.


Puppy whelping collars

The 15-Colors puppy whelping collars provide great solution to identify your pups without effort. You can also adjust the size of the pet identification circle to understand the growth and health of your pet

Compared to other collars, the basic collar has no decorations that are lightweight and do not strain your pets. Good choice for identifying your lovely puppies. 

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