The History of Hook and Loop

The History of Hook and Loop

19 Apr, 2022

In 1948, a Swiss Engineer named Georges De Mestral took a regularly walk with his dog. A plant called burdock, also grew in his walking area. This plant is covered with tiny hooks that can easily stick to fur and clothing.


Then he found it was difficult to get the burrs out of his own clothes and the fur of his dog. 
After further studying, he discovered the small hooks of the burrs were attaching themselves to microscopic loops in the fabric of his pants, which made them difficult to remove.

This gave him the idea to make a fastener from it. After many years of development, he developed the first ever iteration of what we now know as hook and loop material.


The hook and loop closure system is a perfect alternative which can be instead of buttons and buckles. It is strong, easily separated, lightweight, durable, and washable, comes in a variety of colors, and won't jam.

Today, it is impossible to imagine a world without hook and loop. 

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