Cut-to-Length Nylon Cinch Straps




Hook and Loop Nylon Cinch Straps

Freely cut to size

Made of 100% nylon material

Multi-Purpose Fasteners





These Cut-to-Length Nylon Cinch Straps are adjustable Reusable Hook and Loop Cable Fastening Straps with Buckles.

Hooks and loop two in one tape are intertwined on the same side, just pass through the buckle, and reverse the bonding,

then cut to the appropriate length.


Material 100% nylon
Buckle options        Plastic buckle;Metal buckle                                                                        
Width 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 38mm, 50mm, custom
Length 5-25M
Colors  Black/White in stock
  Custom color/shape/size/logo/packaging is available



1. Made of nylon material, high temperature resistant and not easy to deform, self-adhesive cinch straps has strong adhesion,

not easy to fall off, reusable more than 5000 times. The cinch straps can be used indoor and outdoor.


2. Adjustable Length: compared with the fixed-size nylon straps, ours can cut to any length you want and avoid unnecessary waste.


3. Multi-purpose applications: Organize wires, cords, hoses, pipes, skis, umbrellas, books, suitcases, sports , camping equipment,

systems straps, sewing, DIY crafts, clothes, fixed boxing gloves, shoes, etc.





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