Mushroom Head Tape for Window Fly Screen 5.6M

Mushroom Head Tape for fly screens

No drilling required anymore when you install Fly screen on window and door


It is mushroom head hook fastener with rubber-based backing glue, ideal for window net and door curtains. When you have this tape, you just need to clean and dry the window frame before installation, then cut the mushroom head tape to the correct size, then peel off the back of the tape and stick it to the clean window frame, and finally attach the mesh screen to the adhesive tape.

Hook types:  Mushroom head hook

Recommended for most indoor environments

Achieves 80% bond strength in about an hour; full strength in 24 hours

Standard sizes: 7mm x 5.6m  7mm x 6m  7mm x 6.6m

            8mm x 5.6m  8mm x 6m  8mm x 6.6m

            9mm x 5.6m  9mm x 6m  9mm x 6.6m

 In Bulk; OPP bag, colored box, Blister card

The Mushroom Head Tape is Suitable for polyester fly screens

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