Self-Adhesive Car Number Plate Holder


Model:          CCH-SHA1

Material:     Nylon; nylon mixed polyester

Size:            100x480mm, 100x500mm, 100x520mm
Colors:         Black/White

Custom color/shape/size/logo/packaging is available




Self-adhesive, no drilling required

Annoying advertising on your car

Available in any weather, season, speed and car wash




This Self-Adhesive Car Number Plate Holder is self-adhesive, consists of a high quality hook and loop, which is a simple, quick, clean and safe solution, without frame and screws, make a high-quality appearance of your car
High-quality materials】 ---Velcro made of 70% nylon, 30% polyester fabric. The loop side Soft and durable and the hook side is high-tech injection with a super sticky back, make it stronger grip and industrial strength.

【Quality assurance】---This special adhesive Glue be heat resistant +90°C and cold resistant -25°C can withstand any weather, season, speed and car wash.

【Frameless design】--- license plate kit without frame and screws, to guarantee your car a high quality appearance.

【Installation】---Quick and easy installation without tools.Tear off the adhesive sticker and stick it on the clean license plate holder and stick it firmly.It is more durable by letting it sit for 24 or 48 hours after installation.


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