car number plate holder


The car number plate holder is 100% made of nylon/nylon mixed polyester. The car number plate holder is self-adhesive and consists of a high-quality hook and loop, an easy, fast, clean, and safe solution to create an excellent look for your car without the need for frames and screws.


Features of the car number plate holder:


  • * Easy to install. No need to drill holes in plastic or metal.
  • * Super strong special adhesive that can withstand any weather, season, speed, and car wash.
  • * High temperature washable. Stay well at -25°C and 92°C.
  • * The car number plate holder can be kept stable at up to 250km/h without any problem.
  • * Suitable for almost any license plate because you can easily cut the hook and loop license plate holder with household scissors.

General size: 100x480mm,100x500mm,100x510mm,100x520mm
Color: black, white
Customized service: color/shape/size/logo/packaging, etc.


One set of the car number plate holder: 

Hook and loop license plate holders x 2
alcohol wipes for cleaning surfaces x 4
removal squeegee x 1
Custom colored box (You can custom parking disc as well)


CCH also offers adhesive backed hook and loop sheets, which is a very strong self-adhesive fastening tape for light and heavy loads. In addition to the car number plate holder, it is also used for car foot mats, car tools, audio equipment, light avoidance mats, tailgate mats, car recorders, car fire extinguishers, etc.

car number plate holder-CCH