die cutting hook and loop

The die cutting hook and loop apply removable adhesive, no damage to walls, and are recommended for indoor/outdoor use. With the strong adhesive coating you can rely on, the die cutting hook and loop can function from -20℃ to 80℃.


The die cutting hook and loop is a very strong self-adhesive fastening tape suitable for light and heavy loads, such as helmets, window nets, car license plates, car mats, car tools, audio equipment, light-avoidance mat, tailgate mat, car recorder, car fire extinguisher, etc.


Using the die cutting hook and loop is fairly simple and easy. However, it still needs to be installed properly to make sure that it will adhere well to your intended purposes. 

How to install the die cutting hook and loop?


  • 1. Cut the die cutting hook and loop and slowly apply both hook and loop tapes on each surface. Make sure not to touch the adhesive side too much, as the oil and moisture from your hand can lessen the adhesive power of the tape.
  • 2. Apply pressure to both surfaces with your fingers. This process will ensure the stability and bonding strength of the hook and loop strips.
  • 3. Try to test and adhere both surfaces with the now installed hook and loop tape. Try unfastening and then fastening the surfaces back again to verify the tape’s strength. 
  • 3. The die cutting hook and loop will reliably hold both surfaces whenever you bond them together. You can also easily unfasten them as well if needed.


Important tip: Ensure that both cloth/leather/nylon or any surface is clean, dust-free, and dry before application.

die cutting hook and loop-CCH