hook and loop adhesive


The hook and loop adhesive can be used in indoor and outdoor applications since the temperature operating range is 20℃ to 92℃. The super-strong special adhesive of the hook and loop adhesive can offer higher resistance to aging, weathering, and UV radiation without damaging the object's surface.


The hook and loop adhesive can stick objects firmly without bolts, screws, sewing, or glue, is reusable and abrasion resistant, and performs well both indoors and outdoors. The hook and loop adhesive is great to stick on the car, glass, aluminum alloy, wood, plastics, and other clean, smooth, dry, and free of oil surfaces. 

The hook and loop adhesive can be cut to the desired length or shape you need, and the hook and loop are sold separately. Heat resistance adhesive hook and loop are great for applications that require a general-purpose adhesive.


Besides, the hook and loop adhesive can also be an excellent option for displays, exhibits, and industrial applications. And 2 in 1 hook and loop tape is supplied with hooks & loops woven together on the same side, with hooks and loops intermixed on a single surface, ideal for any application where skin contact is involved.

hook and loop adhesive-CCH