hook and loop fastener manufacturing process


Founded in 2000, CCH is top of China's hook and loop fastener manufacturer, providing professional OEM/ODM service with more than 20 years of experience in the textiles industry. 


We offer a wide range of hot selling products, including the sew on hook and loop, adhesive hook and loop, die cutting hook and loop, hook and loop strap, back to back hook and loop, specialty hook and loop, DIY window/door screen, cloth with film backing, and so on. With the advanced hook and loop fastener manufacturing process, our hot selling products have been exported to more than 50 countries and are well received by customers.

All CCH reusable hook and loop fastening ties have one thing in common - they all strong preforms peel and shear strength, have stable quality, and have a long life cycle.


As one of the professional hook and loop fabrics suppliers in China, CCH dedicates our career life to the hook and loop fastener manufacturing process. With skillful knowledge and rich manufacturing experience, CCH provides our clients with specialized textile fasten solutions by various types of high-quality hook and loop fasteners tape.

hook and loop fastener manufacturing process-CCH