hook and loop squares


Two different pieces of fabric to make the hook and loop squares, which are then sewn onto the fabric. One side features tiny hooks, while the order side features tiny loops. When you press the two pieces together to attach them, the hooks of the hook and loop squares catch onto the loops to create a temporary bond.


In line with ROHS, OKEO-TEX, and TESTEX Organization Certification, the hook and loop squares is not easy to burn, and its raw material is very soft. Polyester materials and polyester/nylon blended materials can not be compared, no matter in terms of product safety, service life, service effect and weaving density.


Super sticky industrial strength backside adhesive of the hook and loop squares can provide strong back adhesive. It can stick to smooth material surfaces, such as painted walls, plastic, metal, ceramic, glass and wood surfaces.

The hook and loop squares can be used in a wide range of applications, including organising and storing various small objects in the family. For example, paintings, photos, remote control of various electrical appliances, various tools, stationery, carpet cushions and sofa cushions, etc.


Easy to use is also another advantage of the hook and loop squares. Ensure that the surface of the application is smooth, clean and dry. Tear off the product release paper and stick it on the application item. Please wait for 24 hours to make the adhesive reach its maximum strength. Please note that avoid using the hook and loop squares in the high-temperature environment.

hook and loop squares-CCH