hook and loop strap

With great sticky power, the hook and loop strap can bind the articles together and fix them firmly, suitable for securing batteries and electronics. CCH hook and loop strap can be used in RC drones, spare parts, bicycles, RC cars or trucks, boats, and other models.


In addition, the hook and loop strap can also be an excellent option for armbands, bindings, sports, waistbands, and medical equipment. They are also great for organizing and securing bundles of items in your home, truck, boat, workshop, garage, or bicycle.

Our hook and loop strap can be adjustable, opened and closed numerous times - a max of 10,000, an ideal organizing tool. The high-quality nylon material makes the hook and loop strap can play an important role as extension cords, audio, coaxial, telephone, and electrical cables. 


And the hook and loop strap can be used in various cord organizers for larger items, heavy-duty organizers, such as the garage, storage room, holiday gifts bundled, life tools storage, office supplies management, travel, housekeeping, network cabling, etc.

hook and loop strap-CCH