knitted hook and loop fabric

The knitted hook and loop fabric is suitable for applications requiring strong fixing and less disassembly, such as curtains, electric tools, aircraft fixed, car, trunk lid, seat, and interior trim, sports protective gear, grinding and polishing tools, protective clothing products, display panels, etc.


There are various style hooks to meet your different requests. The adhesive power varies with the different heights of the hook. Injection molded hook can be cut to desired length or shape you need. The knitted hook and loop fabric has various applications - used for diapers, baby clothes, toys, military machinery, apparel, shoes, orthopedic, and automobile.

The knitted hook and loop fabric is supplied with hooks & loops woven together on the same side, with hooks and loops intermixed on a single surface - ideal for any application where skin contact is involved.


Injection molded hook is a high-tech, low-profile, molded nylon tape. The hook is tiny, but the shear strength is twice as much as the traditional woven touch fastener, strong closure to the fabrics, and soft touch. Available in multiple levels of peel/shear strength and back-to-back versions of molded hook & loop fabric laminated.

knitted hook and loop fabric-CCH