loop and hook fasteners


As for the loop and hook fasteners, the first component features tiny hooks and the second features smaller loops. The hooks catch in the loops when the two are pressed together, and the two pieces fasten or bind temporarily. When separated, the strips make a distinctive ripping sound by pulling or peeling the two surfaces apart.


Essentially, hook and loop is the name given to the fastening system, which uses two sides of material, hook and loop. For the loop and hook fasteners, the hook is the rough, scratchy side and the loop is the soft, fuzzy side.


loop and hook fasteners - made of 100% nylon material with superior strength. The loop side is firm and durable and the hook side is the high-tech injection with a super sticky back, making it stronger grip and industrial strength.


The loop and hook fasteners also can act as decoration for crafting. The hook and loop strips with adhesive tape can not only achieve the effect of fixing and bonding but also can be cut into any length or different shape, playing the role of embellishment and decoration. Meet your various needs. Add the loop and hook fasteners to your arts and crafts supplies now!

The versatile mounting tape of the loop and hook fasteners is industrial strength glue to ensure the sticky back fastening tape is sticky enough. It can be applied on painted walls, plastic, metal, ceramic, glass and wood surfaces.


The loop and hook fasteners is easy to use - clean, peel, stick and done - no need to drill holes. Make a perfect alternative to pins, nails, staples and messy glue, and leave no residue when removed.


1. Clean and dry the surface before application. 
2. Peel tape from the release paper. 
3. Stick on the projects you need to apply and press firmly into place. 
4. Please wait 24 hours to allow the adhesive of the loop and hook fasteners reaches maximum strength.

loop and hook fasteners-CCH