tape hook and loop


The tape hook and loop can provide a strong and secure hold to create a long-lasting bond that applies easily to smooth surfaces indoors, including walls, glass, tile, plastic, metal and wood. The tape hook and loop is ideal for everyday use – the possibilities are endless.


The tape hook and loop can help to keep projects organized and secure. For example, used to add closures to homework folders, hang items and decorate lockers, add arts and crafts for decor, and organize desks at home and in the classroom.


The tape hook and loop is suitable for the most smooth surfaces with a strong adhesive to organize at home, school, or office. No sewing, gluing, or ironing is required.

The tape hook and loop is suitable for numerous applications to keep tidy, fasten items to desks and folders, stick name tags to the back of chairs, adhere whiteboard erasers and markers to the board, and sticky back tape, etc., providing plenty of uses.


The tape hook and loop are simple to use of cut-to-length tape, extending the roll to the desired size, cutting, peeling off the protective backing, and firmly pressing to activate adhesive. Press hook and loop of the tape hook and loop firmly together for a stronghold.

tape hook and loop-CCH